Meet our Sherpanies

Somi Arian is the founder of the FemPeak Platform, a tech philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice.  She is also the founder of Smart Cookie Media marketing agency, and investor and advisory board member of NuroKor Bioelectronics, an exciting wearable technology startup. 

As a leadership & entrepreneurship Sherpani, Somi will share her experiences with other women who want to build their own businesses, raise investment, build an audience, and develop themselves as leaders in their industries.  

Joti Balani, founder of, is a creative architect designing and delivering complex enterprise, human and systemic transformations with her multidimensional framework blending AI, Data Science, Engineering and Social Sciences. She leads transformative innovations at Fortune 100 enterprises to create emotional, economic and brand value.

She is Technology Advisor and Sherpani, empowering and preparing the next generation of female leaders to solve critical, global problems in business and society with creativity and technology.

Jessalyn Dean is a Certified Public Accountant, financial literacy advocate, public speaker, and executive mentor. With former roles at OppenheimerFunds and PwC as a tax transparency policy and execution expert, she is a solo-preneur and founder of Dune Consultants.

As a finance & wealth Sherpani, Jessalyn will share her experiences and bring in top experts in the field to make finance & wealth accessible to all women. She will empower women to break the generational cycles of financial illiteracy, learn to invest, and take control of their finance & wealth journey.

Sara Seager is an astrophysicist and a professor of physics and planetary science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research, which earned her a MacArthur “genius” grant, has introduced many foundational ideas to the field of exoplanets.

As the Confidence Sherpani, Sara will share her experience and lessons learned in building a career in a male-dominated world. With her workshops, she’ll help to empower women in building their confidence and tackling the challenges that occur in life.

Mitzi Krockover, MD is an internist and women’s health specialist. She was the founding medical director of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center, named a Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, and served as Vice-President of Women’s Health at Humana Inc. She is currently a partner at SSB Solutions, a health care management consulting, development and investment firm and a managing director at Golden Seeds, an angel investment organization funding women-led companies, where she co-leads the Health Sector group.

As the Women’s Health Sherpani, Mitzi will help women identify and address health challenges that affect their productivity and quality of life.