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Raising women socioeconomic status

About Fempeak

Who is Somi Arian

Fempeak began with Somi Arian’s quest to address the lack of female presence in the top tier of almost all professional fields. covers the six areas identified in the Think Tank for Women in Business & Technology as the main roadblocks to women’s career progression. We call them the Peak factors:

– Building confidence
– Generating wealth
– Gaining tech skills
– Entrepreneurship & leadership
– Women’s health
– Family & relationship

Fempeak’s Founder/CEO, Somi Arian is a tech philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice (3 years in a row).

Somi has a powerful network of over 100,000 followers across platforms, bringing together decision-makers with their target audiences.

The problem

The lack of a female perspective in the top tier of business and technology has never felt as pressing as today. A handful of giant tech corporations are shaping humanity’s future, all of them founded and run by men – in The West and The East alike.

Our research shows that the reason for women’s lack of presence in the top tier of socio- economic progress is a historical data-gap, an obstruction in the flow of data to women and about women.This is apparent in all development areas, from machine learning to medicine, transportation, and economic activity.

The Fempeak Ecosystem

Fempeak Goals

  1. Help women

build businesses

find career opportunities

raise their profile

up-skill themselves

improve financial literacy

generate wealth through investment

improve their health & wellbeing

  1. Support businesses that have women @ the table where decisions are made
  2. Changing the narrative of history

Fempeak in numbers

Benefits of having a basic membership

Benefits of having a premium membership (2022)

– Join the Think Tank & Conference Series
– Joining the thriving network
– Being a part of a community that actively supports women

– Access to a talent pool for companies to find women as speakers, consultants and employees
– Connecting female entrepreneurs with investors
– Access to a marketplace where women can sell their products and services to other women